Glitter G.I.R.L.

Programs for Glitter G.I.R.L. (Gifted.Inspired.Responsible.Leader) (ages 11-17): 

  • I AM A G.I.R.L.: Our passion is to empower young ladies to see their value! To help them understand and demonstrate that they are gifted, inspired, responsible leaders. The media has painted a picture of young ladies participating in violent fighting and cyber-bullying. Our campaign will prove that these images don’t represent the majority of young ladies. There are girls that are having positive impact in culture and in their communities!

The I AM A G.I.R.L campaign highlights young ladies, ages 11-17 that are positively affecting her life, school and/or community. These young ladies will be highlighted on our website and social media sites. Each young lady will receive I AM A G.I.R.L products from Yvonne’s Heart and an opportunity to receive SPA services for a day from our sponsors. the We will ask each young lady to send us a picture in their I AM A G.I.R.L t-shirt and invite a friend to take the pledge and become a part of our campaign. For more information about our I AM A G.I.R.L program see our I AM A G.I.R.L page. 

  • G.I.R.L Gatherings and Getaway (ages 11-14; 15-17): We expose and empower teenagers ages 11-14 to the tools they need to live out their dreams and goals through one-on-one mentoring, peer support and workshop sessions. This transitional program will focus on life skills: Health & Hygiene, Etiquette (dining & social), Building Self-esteem, Developing Healthy Relationships, Improving Self-image, Self-respect, Core Values, Decision Making Skills, Cultural Diversity, Goal setting, Entrepreneurial development, Leadership Development and College preparation.

  • G.I.R.L – Entrepreneurial Program: Young ladies ages 11-17 will participate in this leadership program, which offers hands-on workshops and professional opportunities focused on Leadership Development, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology.