Glamour G.I.R.L.

Programs for Glamour G.I.R.L.
(Gifted.Inspired.Responsible.Leader) (ages 18-30): 

Mentor Moments and Glamour G.I.R.L Getaways (ages 18-21; ages 22-30)
Expose and empower young adults ages 18-30 to the tools they need to live out their dreams and goals through one-on-one mentoring, peer support and workshop sessions. This transitional program will focus on life skills: confidence building, resume writing, job seeking, job coaching, time management, developing healthy relationships, spiritual development and self-awareness and development.

Glamour G.I.R.L – Entrepreneurial and Investment Program:
Young ladies ages 18-30 will participate in this leadership program, which offers hands-on workshops focused on Leadership Development, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Investments.