Community Workshops

Yvonne’s Heart partners with middle schools, high schools, colleges and churches to provide educational and life skills training to help young ladies develop advanced life skills, career potential and to improve their connections to advanced education.

Book Eboni Speight and our team of mentors for one of our community workshops:

No matter what happens in your life, it does not have to dictate your future. This workshop is designed to help young ladies learn from someone who has struggled with challenges such as unplanned pregnancies, single parenting, absent relationship with biological parent/s, mistreatment, abuse or rejection in childhood. This workshop provides practical steps to empower young ladies to release life challenges and move towards restoration, renewal and leaving a legacy NOW by taking actions that push them toward their future.

Lawyer, teacher, professor, movie director or entrepreneur – reach for your highest potential. Let your passion drive you to dream big. This workshop helps young ladies prepare for the adventure called life. It helps them find ways to begin developing their dreams today and to fully achieve and launch them in the future.

A bad decision begins as a thought. That thought becomes an action moving beyond the consequence of that choice can be very difficult. We will help them get back on track to achieving my goals. During this session the young ladies will complete activities to help them move forward and reset their goals. Students will be encouraged and motivated to make the best choices to help shape their future.

It is important to do the inner work to grow as individuals.  Our biggest contributions are the ones we leave in the world. This session will encourage young ladies to make conscious, positive contributions in their communities, schools and/or work place.

Studies show 88% of teens have seen someone be cruel or mean to a peer on social media. We will bring awareness of the effects of cliques, gossip, rumors, negative judgments, teasing, harassment, isolation, stereotypes, intolerance, racism, sexism, bullying, violence, homophobia, hopelessness, apathy,  hidden pressures to create an image, and to achieve or live up to the expectations of others.

Everyday young ladies encounter challenges while navigating through life transitions: in their homes, school and/or workplace. This session is designed to motivate them to embrace this new transitional period in their lives and to understand that they have a choice in charting their own path and becoming a positive and influential leader.

The young ladies will learn to cook meals, manage their finances, interview for a job, polish communication skills, be a savvy shopper and review the latest topics in finance, fitness, fashion, nutrition, technology, music, and mental health.

In 2013, surveys showed 46% of young adults ages 19-32 stay at home with parents. Due to changes in the economy and lack of strategies, our young people haven’t been successful in managing their finances. This workshop will give them practical strategies to face financial challenges and conquer milestones such as buying their first car, increasing their credit score and investments.