Where’s The Village?

I gre3w up in a really tight religious community. Adults weren’t afraid to correct you with words or something a little more tangible. Now, however if you try to correct someone’s child, even if you are that child’s teacher, that parent might take offense or even worse, take action against you.

As I look at the state of this generation, the lack of respect for authority, for their parents or even for one another, it leaves me with a question – Where is the Village? Where are the fathers and mothers of wisdom that can pour back into this generation? Lately we have seen some notable world changers leave the earth, Maya Angelo and many others. And the question is always raised, “Who will carry the torch next?”

 We’ll I’m here today to let you know it’s YOU! You are the NOW! That this generation needs. You have the words of wisdom that can help change the course of this generation. Maybe after my rousing pep talk, you still feel inadequate, you aren’t sure how you can help. Below are some tips on how you can begin to make a difference in your community and in your sphere of influence.

 1. Write down at least three good character traits about yourself. Are you organized, kind, confident or sincere?

 2. Next write down at least three things you do well – are you a good cook? Good with numbers? Good at building things?

 3. Now think of the kind of people you are most drawn to. It could be children, the elderly, fathers or single mothers.

 4. Look for organizations that work with those groups and donate your time, character and skills (the things you listed above).

 5. Look in your current sphere of influence (the people closest to you) and seed those great things on the inside into them!

You have a voice! You have something valuable to give away! Your voice coupled with passion, skill, ability and compassion and YOU will make a significant difference in rebuilding the village. Let us help rebuild the voice of reason and accountability that is needed in this generation’s culture. It starts with one person. Be that one person today! Our children and their children need you! Let’s rebuild the village!

 Eboni Speight has a passion for mentoring and empowering women. She is the Youth Pastor at City of Hope IWC and has served in youth ministry since 2004. She is the Chief Financial Officer for a national non-profit in Washington, DC. Mrs. Speight has over 14 years’ experience as an accounting/financial professional. She is the Founder and CEO of Yvonne’s Heart Inc. Mrs. Speight is excited about this opportunity to enhance and impact the life of many generations of young ladies and women!